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Sean Combs

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Black Billionaires

Michael Lee-Chin

Born: Port Antonio, Jamaica, 1951

Company: Portland Holdings Inc.

Position: Founder, Executive Chairman

Industry: Financial Services

Country: Canada

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New & Updated Profiles

Myron Gray

Myron Gray

Born: c. 1959

Position: President of U.S. Operations,

Company: United Parcel Service of North America, Inc., (NYSE: UPS),

Industry: Courier

Country: United States

John W. Thompson

John W. Thompson

Born: April 24, 1949, in Fort Dix, New Jersey

Position: Chairman, Board of Directors,

Company: Microsoft Corporation,

Industry: Technology

Country: United States

Trevor A. Edwards

Trevor A. Edwards

Born: November 28, 1962, London, England,

Position: President, NIKE Brand,

Company: NIKE Inc.,

Industry: Apparel, Accessories,

Country: United States

Tekedra N. Mawakana

Tekedra N. Mawakana

Position: Deputy General Counsel and Vice President, Global Public Policy,

Company: Yahoo! Inc.,

Industry: Internet, Media,

Country: United States

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