Black Entrepreneurs & Executives Half of Fame

  • Delores Lawrence

    Company: NHI Nursing & Home Health Care Inc. Position: CEO/President Industry: Services Country: Canada

  • Dr. Arthur George Gaston

    Company: Booker T. Washington Insurance Co., Citizen's Federal Savings Bank Position: Founder Industry: Insurance/Banking Country: United States

  • Earl G. Graves Sr.

    Earl G. Graves Sr.

    Born: January 9, 1935, Brooklyn, New York, Position: Chairman, Company: Earl G. Graves Ltd., Industry: Media, Country: United States

  • Femi Otedola

    Born: 1967, Epe, Lagos State, Nigeria; Position: Chairman; Company: Forte Oil Plc.; Industry: Energy; Country: Nigeria

  • Fred Luster, Sr.

    Company: Luster Products, Inc. Position: Founder Industry: Personal Care Products Country: United States

  • George John Scipio Africanus

    Born: c. 1763, Sierra Leone., Died: May 19, 1834, Nottingham, England, Position: Founder, Company: Africanus' Register of Servants, Industry: Services, Country: United kingdom

  • Herman Russell

    Company:H. J. Russell & Company Position: Chairman/CEO Industry: Construction Country: United States

  • Isa Odidi

    Company: IntelliPharmaCeutics Position: CEO and Co-Chief Scientific Officer Industry: Pharmaceutical Country: Canada

  • J. Bruce Llewellyn

    Company: The Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Position: Chairman, CEO Industry: Beverages (Non-Alcoholic) Country: United States

  • Joe Louis Dudley

    Company: Dudley Products, Inc. Position: President, CEO Industry: Cosmetics Country: United States