Latest Profiles

  • Richelieu Dennis

    Richelieu Dennis

    Born: Liberia; Position: Founder, CEO; Company: Sundial Brands; Industry: Personal Care; Country: United States

  • Steve Stoute

    Steve Stoute

    Born: June 26, 1970, Queens, New York City, New York; Position: Founder, CEO; Company: Translation LLC. ; Industry: Marketing and Advertising; Country: United States

  • William James Adams

    Born: March 15, 1975, Eastside, Los Angeles County, California, USA; Position: CEO & co-founder; Company: ; Industry: Information Technology and Services; Country: United States

  • Alicia Boler Davis

    Alicia Boler Davis

    Born: c. 1970 in Romulus, MI, United States; Position: Executive Vice President, Global Manufacturing; Company: General Motors Co.; Industry: Automotive; Country: United States

  • JoNathan Mildenhall

    JoNathan Mildenhall

    Born: September 9, 1967 (age 50), Leeds, United Kingdom; Position: Chief Marketing Officer; Company: Airbnb; Industry: Hospitality; Country: United States

  • Valerie Jarrett

    Valerie Jarrett

    Born: November 14, 1956, Shiraz, Iran; Position: Director; Company: Ariel Investments, Lyft ; Industry: Financial Services, Transportation; Country: United States

  • Orlando Ashford

    Orlando Ashford

    Position: President; Company: Holland America Line; Industry: Transportation; Country: United States

  • Brian Reaves

    Brian Reaves

    Position: Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer; Company: Dell Technologies; Industry: Information technology; Country: United States

  • Joseph Agyepong Siaw

    Joseph Agyepong Siaw

    Born: March 20, 1971, Central Region, Ghana; Position: Executive Chairman; Company: Jospong Group of Companies; Industry: Conglomerate; Country: Ghana

  • Sim Tshabalala

    Sim Tshabalala

    Born: December 15, 1967, Hlabisa Local Municipality, South Africa; Position: CEO; Company: Standard Bank Group Ltd.; Industry: Financial Services; Country: South Africa

  • Bozoma Saint John

    Bozoma Saint John

    Born: January 21, 1977, Middletown, CT; Position: Chief Brand Officer; Company: Uber; Industry: Transportation; Country: United States

  • Maxine Williams

    Maxine Williams

    Born: Trinidad and Tobago; Position: Global Director of Diversity; Company: Facebook; Industry: Technology, Internet; Country: United States

  • Ime Archibong

    Ime Archibong

    Born: Kansas, United States; Position: Director of Global Product Partnerships; Company: Facebook; Industry: Technology, Internet; Country: United States

  • Peter Amangbo

    Peter Amangbo

    Position: CEO; Company: Zenith Bank PLC.; Industry: Financial Services; Country: Nigeria

  • Guy Primus

    Guy Primus

    Born: July 1969, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Position: co-founder and CEO; Company: The Virtual Reality Company; Industry: Entertainment Country: United States

  • Jessica O. Matthews

    Jessica O. Matthews

    Born: 1989; Position: founder, CEO; Company: Uncharted Play, Inc.; Industry: Consumer Electronics; Country: United States

  • Nela Richardson

    Nela Richardson

    Born: Indiana Position: Chief Economist; Company: Redfin; Industry: Real Estate; Country: United States;

  • Joel Gay

    Joel Gay

    Position: CEO, President; Company: Energy Recovery; Industry: Oil & Gas; Country: United States

  • John D. Harris

    John D. Harris

    Position: Vice President Business Development, CEO Raytheon International, Inc.; Company: Raytheon Company; Industry: Aerospace and defense; Country: United States

  • Derica W. Rice

    Derica W. Rice

    Born: 1965, Decatur, Alabama, United States; Pay (2015): $6.9M; Position: Executive VP, Global Services, Chief Financial Officer; Company: Eli Lilly and Company; Industry: Pharmaceuticals; Country: United States