LL International Shoe Company

LL International Shoe Company is the maker of Dada Footwear and Clothing. Founded in 1998, the company produces urban footwear and apparel for men and women, distributed through online outlets and retail stores in about 50 countries. The company is owned by CEO Lavetta Willis and Head Designer Lantz Simpson.

The DaDa brand was launched in 1995 by Dwayne Lewis and Mike Cherry as a hat and T-shirt company targeting the urban market. The business became instantly successful and almost immediately expanded into a men's and women's athletic apparel line. The line - called DaDa Supreme - did well, but needed something more to legitimize it is an "athletic performance" brand. It was at this point when the brand was licensed by LL International Shoe Company.

The line now includes a wide variety of athletic performance footwear including shoes in the running, casual, and basketball categories. The basketball category, which was introduced in 2001, recently added The "Spree's," named after company endorser and Minnesota Timberwolve Latrell Sprewell.

LL International Shoe Company
929 E. 2nd St. Ste. 205
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: 213-625-7373
Fax: 213-625-7073
Website: <link http: www.dadafootwear.com _blank>


Senior Management
President and CEO: Lavetta Willis
COO: Lisa Rodgers
CFO: Larry White

Industry Information

Financial Information
Fiscal Year-End: January
Sales (mil.): $11
Employees: 32
Company Type: Private

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