TLneoCare, LLC

TLneoCare is a biotech start up company based in Pittsburgh, PA that is developing an infant physiotherapy instrument designed to soothe infants and help improve an infant's overall health.

The Neonatal Automated Physiotherapy is designed to integrate seamlessly into the hospital or home environment.

TLneoCare automated physiotherapy solution will help hospitals to address the problem of low infant birth weight, which primarily affects preterm infants and drug exposed infants. The implementation of TLneoCare's automated physiotherapy system, the Neonatal Automated Physiotherapy (NAP), within a hospital can facilitate the acceleration of infant weight gain improving the survival rate and overall health of preterm infants while allowing them to be discharged from the hospital on average 6 day sooner.

TLneoCare's automated physiotherapy system tailored for at home use will bring the benefits of this scientifically proven physiotherapy into the homes of millions of families across the nation to help soothe, comfort, and promote the good health of newborn infants.

Feedback from Doctors and Nurses have been enthusiastic and positive about the benefits and impact of the Neonatal Automated Physiotherapy.

TLneoCare is looking for investors who are looking for a strong biotech startup to add to their portfolio. TLneoCare's management and advisory team is dedicated to developing a patent pending high quality product to meet market needs to allow TLneoCare to grow quickly to become a dominant industry leader with the first to market advantage in the area of infant physiotherapy.

TLneoCare is looking for investors who are looking for a strong biotech startup to add to their portfolio.


Senior Management

Founder, CEO, Chief Scientific & Technical Officer: Sanna Gaspard


Health Care Products

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