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UrbanAdserve is an online ad network, connecting leading brands with influential urban content websites, webzines, newsletters, blogs, and forums. This digital footprint allows UrbanAdserve to create a scalable marketplace of  affluent urban consumers that is highly desirable to advertisers.

Working closely with independent publishing partners, UrbanAdserve delivers an audience that marketers want to capture online. 

UrbanAdserve have been in business for almost three years and claim a network of 300 digital media partners.


UrbanAdserve LLC

305 Madison Avenue, Suite 449

New York, NY 10165

Phone: 212.807.5510

Fax: 212.279.0607



Senior Management

Founder and the Chief Intelligence Officer: Pamela A. Pickens

CEO, Co-Founder: Sheila Marmon

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