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Isaac Olowolafe Jr.

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Isaac Olowolafe
Isaac Olowolafe

Full Name: Isaac Olowolafe Jr.

Occupation: Businessperson

Job: CEO

Works for: Dream Maker Inc.

Primary Industry: Financial Services

Nationality: Nigerian, Canadian

Residence: Toronto, Ontario

Isaac Olowolafe Jr., is the founder of Dream Maker Inc., a vertically integrated asset management firm founded in 2003. The company consist of multiple divisions encompassing Brokerage, Wealth Management, Property Management, Education, Development, Private Equity, and Insurance. Mr. Olowolafe also serves as General Partner at BKR Capital. He is the Founder and a General Partner at Dream Maker Ventures. Mr. Olowolafe Jr. established The Dream Maker Realty/Olowolafe Family Scholarship Award at the University of Toronto in 2010. It is the largest endowment for African Studies in any Canadian University. Mr. Olowolafe Jr. immigrated to Canada from Nigeria with his family at age 4.

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