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Tiane Mitchell Gordon

Created by

Position: Founder;

Company: Square One Consulting;

Industry: Professional Services;

Country: United States

Tiane Mitchell Gordon is the founder of Square One Consulting, which provides strategic consulting, executive coaching and speaking services to C-Suite executives and management teams for organizations on human resources and diversity & inclusion issues.

Ms. Mitchell Gordon has been identified by the Society of Human Resource Management as one of its 100 Global Thought Leaders in Diversity & Inclusion.

Prior to founding Square One, Ms. Mitchell Gordon had a fifteen year career at AOL, LLC, the last seven as Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer.

In this role, she headed the company's Office of Diversity and Inclusion, which manages all initiatives designed to foster inclusive attitudes and opportunities among employees. These initiatives include coaching on diversity issues, creating educational vehicles for expanding workforce knowledge about diversity, and developing employee networks and communications plans for diversity.

Ms. Mitchell Gordon also served as chair of AOL's Diversity Leadership Action Team, a group of employees from various levels and areas of the company who are dedicated to shaping an AOL culture that respects diversity and promotes inclusion in the workplace as well as in the marketplace.

She was previously Director of Diversity and Inclusion and devoted her efforts to laying the foundation upon which AOL could build, formalize, and implement its diversity program. She joined AOL in 1995 as Director of Human Resources and served in several areas of HR ranging from strategy and policy to the integration of employees of newly acquired companies into the AOL workplace.

Earlier in her career, Ms. Mitchell Gordon worked in human resources roles with Newfield Publications, publisher of Weekly Reader, and Aetna Life & Casualty, both based in Connecticut.

Her interest in diversity grew from her work as a diversity consultant and positions on the Board of Governors for St. Catherine's School, an independent church school in Richmond, VA., a board on which she still serves.

She has served as a Diversity Expert in Residence for East Carolina University and the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill. Ms. Mitchell Gordon is also a CookRoss Certified Unconscious Bias Educator.

Ms. Mitchell Gordon also served on the board of Women in Community Service (WICS), a national nonprofit organization that works to reduce the number of women and youth living in poverty by promoting economic independence.

Ms. Mitchell Gordon has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, cum laude, from Wesleyan University; post-graduate studies at Trinity College (USA); and professional development through the University of Michigan Ross School of Business Executive Education and American Management Association.

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