Jeff Clanagan

By: Errol Mars
Position: President; Company: CodeBlack Films, Lionsgate Entertainment; Industry: Entertainment; Country: United States

Jeff Clanagan

Jeff Clanagan is the Founder of CodeBlack Entertainment, the first independent, vertically integrated African American-owned film studio, actively engaged in the business of feature film production and distribution, worldwide DVD & digital assets distribution, urban market consulting, and production of programs for television broadcast and syndication.

In 2012 Mr. Clanagan formed a partnership with Lionsgate to launch Codeblack Films, as a division of Lionsgate, targeted to the growing African-American consumer market.

Mr. Clanagan has released over 300 movie titles which have grossed over $350 Million in revenue.

Mr. Clanagan began his career in entertainment as one of the foremost concert promoters in the music business. Long before Hip Hop's mainstream appeal, Jeff was promoting sold-out national concert tours featuring high-profile artists such as RUN DMC, LL COOL J, NWA, WILL SMITH, THE FATBOYS, and MC HAMMER.

His reputation as one of the nation's most respected concert impresarios allowed him to secure lucrative corporate sponsorships from mega companies such as Citibank, Budweiser, Sprite and Snapple.

In 1989 Mr.Clanagan decided to move beyond the sole promotion of Hip Hop artists and added the burgeoning R&B genre of music to his resume. In this arena he found continued success promoting hot, diverse acts ranging from Ready for the World and New Edition to The Isley Brothers and Luther Vandross. Mr.Clanagan later added yet another dimension to his professional dossier by entering the realm of theatrical production and promotion with the hit stage plays "The Diary of Black Men" and "A Good Man is Hard to Find." This was followed by his successful promotion of the popular "HBO Def Comedy Jam" Tour which featured rising, top-notch comedians Bernie Mac, Martin Lawrence and Chris Tucker amongst others.

Mr.Clanagan eventually moved into the world of film and television production with his first foray as President of No Limit Films, rapper/entrepreneur Master P's groundbreaking film and video company. Clanagan cultivated and nurtured the upstart entity into a 40-million-dollar multimedia company, producing a slate of profitable independent television and straight-to-video features including Foolish, No Tomorrow, Hot Boyz and Lockdown. Owing to his efforts and direction, No Limit Films is recognized as being the pioneer of the urban home video sell-thru market.

Mr.Clanagan left No Limit Films to become President of Mandalay Urban Entertainment, a division of Mandalay Sports Entertainment. During his tenure at Mandalay, he executive-produced three telefilms for BET Television, while also producing the official Sundance Film Festival selection Civil Brand for Lions Gate. Civil Brand subsequently won numerous awards at prestigious film festivals around the country including the American Black Film Festival, the Urban World Film Festival and the Pan-African Film Festival.

Never one to slow down, Mr.Clanagan went on to create and executive-produce the syndicated magazine television show Livin' Large. Hosted by TV stars Carmen Elektra and Kadeem Hardison, Livin' Large ran from 2002 - 2004 and was syndicated nationally through Carsey - Werner Distribution.

After leaving UrbanWorks Entertainment in May of 2005, Mr.Clanagan formed Codeblack Enterprises, LLC (CBE) as a multimedia entertainment vehicle in motion pictures, television, home entertainment and new media. Targeting the sophisticated urban generation, CBE will produce and acquire the most compelling content for its niche and will distribute content through various media channels, both on-line and off-line. The channels will include but not be limited to: theatrical exhibition, television exploitation, home video (DVD) and emerging digital platforms.

Mr.Clanagan attended the University of Washington and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. He resides in Los Angeles County with his wife and children.

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