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Wendt Center Board of Directors Recruitment

Since 1975, the Wendt Center for Loss and Healing has helped people in the Greater Washington area rebuild a sense of safety and hope after experiencing a loss, life-threatening illness, violence or other trauma. Nationally recognized for our expertise in grief, trauma and mental health, we provide an array of holistic services for children, teens, adults, families, and our local communities.

The Wendt Center for Loss and Healing is a not-for-profit, charitable organization, which is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the federal tax laws.  The Center’s corporate registration is in the District of Columbia.

Role of the Wendt Center Board:  The Wendt Center Board of Directors is an oversight board – the Board does not manage the Center’s programs.   The Center’s Board of Directors has the primary responsibility for ensuring that the Center fulfills its charitable purposes and other obligations in accordance with governing law; sets the vision, mission and strategic direction for the Center;  exercises financial oversight, including by approving the budget , ensuring an annual independent audit, and otherwise protecting the Center’s assets;  actively supports the Center’s fundraising;  hires, evaluates and sets the compensation for the Executive Director;  and otherwise provides oversight to ensure that the Center’s financial, human and material resources are used appropriately and effectively to further its mission.

Board Composition and Terms:  The board consists of between 3 and 25 members.  Board members are elected by a majority of the board.  They can serve for up to three three-year terms and additional terms if approved by two-thirds of the board. Board members are uncompensated.

Board Meetings:  The board typically meets four times a year as well as for a retreat in the fall.  Board members are expected to attend a minimum of ¾ of BOD meetings throughout the year and all Board members are expected to attend the Fall retreat.

Board Committees: The board conducts much of its business through its five committees: Executive, Finance, Audit, Development (with two subcommittees – the Benefit Subcommittee and the Development Advisory Subcommittee) and Governance.  All Board members are expected to actively serve on at least one Board committee.

Board Members’ Fiduciary Responsibilities:  Board members are expected to serve as both stewards and fundraisers for supporting the work of the Wendt Center.  While the Center does not have an official give/get policy, all members are asked to try to raise or donate a minimum of $10,000 annually.  This may include fundraising related to specific programming of the Center, introductions to potential donors (including foundations and corporations), assisting with specific fundraising activities such as the Center’s annual Benefit.  

Skills, Experience, Expertise: The Center is currently recruiting for Board members who have experience in any of the following areas:

  • Non-profit Finance
  • Corporate Giving
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Media
  • Marketing

For more information: Please contact Michelle Palmer, Executive Director at

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