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Black Entrepreneur Profile features profiles of black business leaders. We are building the most comprehensive database of successful black entrepreneurs, black CEO's, black executives and black business leaders from around the world. Our focus is on success and inspiring success. Our wish it that, this database will serve as an inspiration to you in your daily life. Your only limit in achieving success is the limits you place on yourself. So be inspired by the achievers in this database.

  • Patrice Motsepe

    Patrice Motsepe

    Born: January, 28, 1962, Johannesburg Position: Chairman Company: African Rainbow Minerals Limited Industry: Mining Country: South Africa

  • Oprah Winfrey

    Born: January 29, 1954, Position: Chairman, CEO, and CCO, OWN; Chairman, Harpo, Company: Harpo Inc., Industry: Media, Country: United States

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  • Alfred C. Liggins, III

    Alfred C. Liggins, III

    Born: January 30, 1965, in Omaha, Nebraska; Company: Radio One, Inc.; Position: Chief Executive Officer, President and Treasurer; Industry: Media; Country: United States

  • Rebecca Enonchong

    Rebecca Enonchong

    Born: Cameroon, 1967; Position: Founder, CEO; Company: AppsTech, I/O Spaces; Industry: Software, Business Services; Country: United States

  • Marvin Ellison

    Marvin Ellison

    Position: Chairman, President and CEO; Company: J.C. Penney; Industry: Retail; Country: United States

  • Bongani Nqwababa

    Bongani Nqwababa

    Born 1966, South African; Position: Executive Director, Joint President and CEO; Company: Sasol Limited; Industry: Oil and gas, Chemical; Country: South African

  • Michael A. Jackson

    Born: July 18, 1956, Youngstown, Ohio Position: Chief Marketing Officer; Company: Event Solutions International; Industry: Automotive Country: United States