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Chris Winton

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Chris Winton
Chris Winton

Full Name: Chris L. Winton

Born: Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Position: Champion of the People

Works for: Tesla, Inc.

Primary Industry: Automotive Manufacturing, Energy

Nationality: American

Residence: Austin, Texas

Chris L. Winton is Champion of the People at Tesla, Inc., since December 2022. Mr. Winton, who spent nearly 25 years at FedEx, most recently serving as Corporate Vice President, Human Resources.

Mr. Winton is an experienced C-suite executive with proven ability to use digital technologies to change business models and deliver value-producing opportunities.

He has worked with companies such as Google to leverage AI and machine-learning to help job seekers find jobs specifically tailored to their needs. He has also worked with two White House administrations on creating employment pathways for underserved communities and appeared on C-SPAN to discuss scaling such programs.

Mr. Winton and his wife Coleshia live in Memphis, Tennessee with their two children, Jordyn and Jaden.

He is the author of "C-4 Leadership: Ignite Your Career. Shatter Expectations. Take Charge of Your Life."

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