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Yannick Lefang

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Yannick Lefang
Yannick Lefang

Born: France;

Occupation: Businessman;

Position: Founder & CEO;

Company: Kasi Insight Inc.;

Industry: Market Research;

Residence: Canada;

Nationality: French, Canadian;

🇫🇷 🇨🇦 Yannick Lefang, is the Founder & CEO of Kasi Insight Inc., since November 2015. Kasi Insight is an African focused data intelligence platform, providing data, measures, and insights to understand the average African behaviour.

Work Experience

  • Founder & CEO, Kasi Insight.
  • Chief Financial Officer, Gebeya Inc.
  • Consultant, Advisory Services, IFC - International Finance Corporation.
  • Financial Engineer, Institutional Sales & Trading, E*TRADE Capital Markets LLC.
  • Sales & Marketing Support, CI Investments Inc.


  • Quartz Africa Innovator Recipient.
  • GRIT Future List Nominee.
  • Corporate League of Excellence Award 2015, TD Bank.
  • 2014 Mentor of Year Nominee, Career Edge.


  • Master's degree, Engineering/Industrial Management, University of Ottawa.
  • B.A.Sc, Electrical Engineering (CUM LAUDE), University of Ottawa.

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